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Our 2XU Propel wetsuit series is the fastest, most buoyant, and most flexible on the market. Experience our award-winning ladies triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits. Available in long sleeve.

Propel Neoprene Swim CapPropel Neoprene Swim Cap
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Propel Neoprene Swim Cap

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Our triathlon wetsuits are made with Yamamoto Japanese Neoprene, the highest quality Neoprene on the market. The features and construction of 2XU wetsuits have been perfected over a period of 14 years, with relentless innovation and continuous testing – both in laboratories and with 2XU's elite athletes.

PROPEL PRO: Delivering superior speed and flexibility, the Propel Pro Wetsuit is the ultimate wetsuit for PROPEL PRO WETSUIT the elite performer. Utilising 45 cells, the world's most flexible neoprene, and incorporating panels that feature unparalleled buoyancy, the perfect equilibrium between movement and elevation has been crafted. Nano SCS coating delivers an extra 4% buoyancy and greater hydrodynamics, increasing speed and form in the water. Rollbar, floating zip, and propulsion paneling deliver the ultimate in wetsuit performance, improving form and power in the water. Feedback from IRONMAN world champions, along with our in-house development team, has been employed to deliver a new era of wetsuit innovation from 2XU.

P:1 PROPEL An all-round wetsuit that delivers many of the key technical benefits of the elite tier of the 2XU range. The inclusion of the rollbar, floating zip, SCS coating and 39 cell buoyancy panelling make the P:1 Propel a top-value wetsuit that will deliver the power needed to surpass the competition.

P:2 PROPEL Winner of the 2018 Triathlete Magazine Buyer’s Guide ‘Best In Class’ wetsuit, the P:2 Propel Wetsuit is the most buoyant wetsuit from 2XU. Together with super-stretch arms and underarms, an extremely comfortable neck, rollbar and floating zip, this wetsuit has been designed to increase hydrodynamics and comfort in the water..