Arm and Calf Sleeves

With powerful compression support, our arm and calf sleeves are a versatile alternative to long sleeve tops and full-length tights. These can be worn underneath your clothes or in warmer weather to provide extra support to key muscle areas.

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Compression arm sleeves are a versatile alternative to a long-sleeve compression top, utilising seamless construction for comfort and a flexible articulated elbow zone for greater freedom of movement.Featuring powerful and flexible knitted compression support to protect and stabilise the forearm, elbow and biceps and reduce muscle fatigue. Graduated fit helps promote an efficient warm-up pre-exercise and faster recovery post-exercise. 

With powerful compression support for the entire lower leg, the compression calf guards are a versatile active piece that can be worn on its own, with your favourite pair of socks or even under your wetsuit for faster transition times in triathlon.

With powerful compression support for the lower leg, the Light Speed Compression Calf Guards feature Muscle Containment Stamping (MCS) technology that anatomically maps key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to reduce muscle damage and ensure your best performance ever.